Terms and Conditions

  1. Use of the website
    1. XRPL Faucet accepts no responsibility for any financial loss, injury, death, undeath, mental anguish, itchy elbows, phobia of SEC lawyers, a new cynical outlook on life, nightly visitations by a goblin named Fred, or any other side effects of using the website.
    2. The XRPL Faucet must not be used from nuclear facilities, military installations, inside Gary Gensler's closet, on top of an ostrich, or whilst tweeting that Bitcoin is actually very environmentally friendly.
    3. The XPRL Faucet accepts no responsibility for external content linked to, images used, or jokes that you find offensive.
    4. Any attempts to hack, infiltrate or damage the XRPL Faucet will be responded to with the harshest of words, bad vibes and scornful looks.
    5. By using this site, you acknowledge that XRP is definitely not a security, and that the SEC are very, very silly for arguing that it is.
    6. The XRPL Faucet has no affiliation with Ripple or the XUMM wallet. I think they're really neat though.
    7. Current or ex SEC staff are permitted to use the site, upon the agreement they eat a raw onion upon each occasion, whilst wearing clown makeup. This must be accompanied by video evidence.
    8. By using this site you promise to never make a YouTube video recommending scam coins, or featuring a thumbnail of yourself looking shocked.
    9. If any user ever comes into possession of a time machine, they promise to meet me outside my house on 29th March 2022 at 12 noon London time. A text message sent back in time is also acceptable.
    10. Despite safegaurds to prevent automated use of the Zero faucet, the XRPL Faucet does not discriminate against robots, cyborgs, replicants, synthetics or other non-human persons. If you are prevented from using the faucet due to falling into one of these categories, please get in touch and we will send you Zero tokens directly. We accept no responsibility if using this site makes you aware for the first time that you are in fact not an organic human.
    11. By using this site you accept that in the inevitable eternal battle between good and evil at the end of time, you commit your eternal soul to fight for the side of good.
  2. The Zero Token
    1. The Zero Token is for non commercial use only. It must not be sold or purchased. It must not be exchanged for goods and services, with the exception of shadow puppet shows, which are greatly encouraged.
    2. The XRPL Faucet will not sell Zero tokens, though reserves the right to place sell orders at the lowest possible price to prevent others from doing so. Any resulting sales will be refunded once detected. Or may be used to buy my nieces and nephews some of those pokeyman cards they like so much.
    3. The XRPL Faucet reserves the right to create more Zero tokens at their discretion and without notice. The same applies to burning tokens. I like to burn things.
    4. Receipt of the Zero token does not represent an investment contract or participation in a joint enterprise. It offers no share of profits, voting rights, or any other financial or non financial benefits. However, if requested, recipients must come to my birthday party, including wearing a fun party hat and letting me win all the party games (I'm so lonely).
    5. Zero tokens can be exchanged for 0 of your chosen currency at any time, with the receipient paying any involved costs. Tokens may not be exchanged for any of the assets backing the tokens. That expired mustard is all mine.