Zero: the world's most honest stablecoin

Backed by exactly what it's worth: nothing

Fully transparent $0 token

No need to evade audits, rely on risky debts or obsure our true backing. We're always honest about the lack of assets behind our project.

To ensure our low price, Zero has an unlimited maximum supply. We can generate as many more as we want, whenever we want. Just like your favourite crypto and fiat currencies! All at next to no cost to ourselves.

Near zero wait

Built on the XRP ledger, transactions are almost instant, taking just 3-5 seconds to complete.

Near zero fees

Usual transaction fees are 0.000012 XRP, less than 0.001¢.

Near zero power

Each transaction uses just 0.0079 KWh, meaning a near zero carbon footprint.

Multicurrency support

The first stablecoin to be redeemable against more than one currency, with a perfect exchange rate that you can always rely on.

Worth zero US dollars, zero British pounds and zero Hungarian forints; zero in every currency.

How to get your Zeroes

We are giving away all our Zero tokens, for free!

To receive Zero you need an XRP account and a trustline set up using the details shown below. We recommend using XRP Toolkit or XUMM wallet to set your trustline.

Then just enter your account address below to use our faucet, a maximum of once per calendar day (London time).

Trustline Details

Issuer address:
Currency code:
Hex code:

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(In)frequently asked questions

What is Zero?

Zero is a crypto token created on the XRP Ledger. It is a stablecoin, with a constant price of 0.

How much is Zero worth?

Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

How do I buy Zero?

Please do not buy Zero, it is worthless. However, you can receive Zero for free once a day using our faucet above.

How do I sell Zero?

Don't do that. Zero is worth nothing and you should not attempt to convince others it has any monetary value. But we cannot stop you doing so, with Zero or your other worthless coins and tokens.

Why did you make Zero?

Zero was created to to satirise the questionable nature of many existing stable coins and pointless tokens, to gain experience working with the JavaScript XRPL Library, to improve web development skills, and to hopefully give a few people some laughs.

What can I do with Zero?

Zero has the same functionality as every token on the XRP Ledger, but no specific utility. Maybe send some to your friends/enemies? Use it to pay for things when playing make believe with your children? Donate some to your favourite, equally pointless online influencers?

Who are you?

I'm a ghost. I'm a shadow. I'm gone.

How can I get in touch?

Just stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself, "XRP is not a security. XRP is not a security. XRP is not a security." Alternatively you can email us at or connect with our Twitter profile @xrplfaucet.

I like this. How can I support the faucet?

Wow, you're making me blush, thank you. If you really want to support the faucet, you can donate some of your delicious XRP to the address rThx8rGcBfvQq3fLGnw9w8rTn4tUjS9tH.

I don't like this. How can I file a complaint?

Please direct all complaints to +1 312-588-8000. Our team of unpaid interns will be happy to resolve your issue.